Maui Waui Delta-8 Flower


Happy Daze premium delta-8 flower is your new favorite in mellow smokeables. Looking for euphoric effects without the heavy side effects sometimes associated with psychoactive THC? This flower is your new high solution – and it can be shipped to you! Delta-8 is a cannabinoid compound found in hemp flower, and this batch is infused with delta-8 kief for that extra kick.

Maui Waui is a sweet and uplifting sativa-leaning hybrid strain.

Warning: this product is psychoactive.


Cannabinoid Chart

Cannabinoid High Chart
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1 review for Maui Waui Delta-8 Flower

  1. Justin

    It looks like bud, smells like bud. I ground it up and put it in my vaporizer. It tasted and had the mouth feel of regular weed. After my usual THC cannabis dose I would say I was about 30-40% my usual high. Smooth feelings, nice relaxed body, stimulated but not overmuch mental activity.

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