Indica Growers Pack 4 Strains Autoflower Feminized


Planning to grow some of that laid back weed? This is a multipack: 3 Auto Flower Feminized Seeds each of:

– Blue Burger
– Fruit Packs
– Melon Melt
– Polar Bearz

Each of those is an Indica Dominate Ruderalis Hybrid.

Feminized seeds are intentionally bred to eliminate male chromosomes and thus are guaranteed to produce only bud-making females. Feminized seeds provide the benefit of predictability and efficiency to large commercial cultivators and novice home growers alike.

Autoflower plants can be harvested in as soon as 60-75 days. Autoflower plants are generally much smaller as they begin to flower within weeks, resulting in reduced need for space and nutrients, all while providing quality bud. Autoflower seeds can offer a lower maintenance grow experience in a shorter amount of time, allowing multiple harvests per year.

All Seeds shown are considered Hemp Seeds by law. Every seed tested contained less than 0.03% THC.

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12 seeds – 3 seeds each of 4 strains

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12 seeds – 3 each of 4 strains



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