Delta 8 THC Vs. Delta 9 THC

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is of course known ubiquitously as the psychoactive component in weed that get us high. By default, many in weed culture have referred to THC and Delta 9, the cannabinoid best known and associated with the magic behind THC, indiscriminently. However in recent years the lack of progress with federal cannabis legalization has pushed residents of more than half of U.S. States where adult use cannabis in not available, to search for other legal means of getting high. After the 2018 US Farm Bill, enter Delta 8 THC joined the public weed conversation. Previously known in the nerdiest circles of amateur botanist, pot enthusiasts, delta 8 has become a more searched search term than delta 9 according to Google trends.

The cannabis plant contains hundreds of compounds, many of which are cannabinoids, which have various effects on the body. Two of the most researched and most common cannabinoids are Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC. While they have many similarities, there are also some key differences.

delta 8 thc is less potent than delta 9 thc

Delta 8 THC is a minor cannabinoid found in cannabis plants in low concentrations. It is a derivative of Delta 9 THC, which is the main active ingredient in marijuana. Delta 8 has some of the same effects as Delta 9, but it is less potent. It produces a milder high than Delta 9, with a more calming effect. Delta 8 is metabolized differently than Delta 9, and it does not bind as strongly to CB1 receptors in the brain. This means it has less psychoactive effects and is more likely to produce a calming, relaxing effect. Delta 8 also has some unique therapeutic properties, including anti-nausea, appetite stimulation, and pain relief.

Delta 9 THC is the main cannabinoid found in marijuana. It binds strongly to CB1 receptors in the brain and produces a strong psychoactive effect, often referred to as a “high.” Delta 9 THC is known for producing a euphoric feeling, increased focus, and relaxation. It is also known for its medical benefits, such as pain relief, appetite stimulation, and anti-nausea effects.

While Delta 8 and Delta 9 both interact with CB1 receptors in the brain, they have different effects. Delta 8 is less potent, and produces a milder, more calming high. Delta 9 produces a strong, euphoric high, with increased focus and relaxation. Both cannabinoids have medical benefits, but Delta 8 has some unique therapeutic properties.

Delta 9 gummies stronger than delta 8 gummies

The statement above is true, but the devil is in the detail. Under the current construct and interpretation of the 2018 US Farm Bill, both delta 8 and delta 9 gummies are readily available in most states. However with delta 9, the product can not be over .3% d9 THC of dry weight. This explains why compliant hemp derived delta 9 THC product will generally be offered in smaller dosage than delta 8 gummies. For instance, generally delta 9 gummies are offered in 10mg per serving, the same compliant serving sold at regulated dispensaries in virtually all adult use legal states. Conversely, Delta 8 gummies are more of the wild west. The lack of dosage regulation for secondary cannabinoids within the hemp-derived product market has lead to most single dose D8 gummies landing between 25mg and 100mg. So, even considering that delta 8 can be half the strength of delta 9, the consistently higher dosage in delta 8 products makes it very difficult to answer any broad question regarding potency without considering the individual potency of each gummy being compared. If both the delta 8 and delta 9 gummies are hypothetically dosed at 10mg, then the d9 gummy would be stronger.

Buy Delta 8 and Delta 9 online

As mentioned previously, delta 8 is a more searched term than delta 9. So it should be no surprise that a significant amount of delta 8 is sold online, given its availability from online retailers, in addition to some smoke shops and CBD stores. By comparison most Delta 9 THC is sold in regulated markets through dispensaries and weed delivery services. Some online hemp shops, like yours truly- the hempshop, offer products made from both hemp derived Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC. Services like hempshop, have information on cannabinoids and offer the easiest way to research and buy trusted D8 and D9 products and receive them by mail.

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