How to buy THCA Flower and Prerolls online

THCA flower and prerolls are the newest craze among hemp derived products. And for good reason. THCA or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is the raw form of THC. Unlike THC, THCA isn’t psychoactive, so it doesn’t get you high unless huge amounts are ingested. Although research is sparse given the Federal cannabis prohibition, THCA is believed to offer numerous health benefits, such as anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects.

However once THCA is heated through combustion or decarboxylated, it converts to regular delta-9 THC. Conveniently, the process of smoking, vaping, or cooking THCA becomes THC. The exact same THCA which is in most cannabis purchased at licensed dispensaries from California to New York.

Cannabis and hemp both produce THCA, however the devil is in the detail.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp and its derivatives, including THCA across much of the US. Hemp flower is defined as containing less than 0.3% delta-9 THC by dry weight. Some states may have their own laws and restrictions so it’s best to look into local regulation on THCA flower and prerolls to confirm there is no specific ban. THCA flower and prerolls are legal based on a similar Farm Bill interpretation that effectively legalized the sale of cannabis seeds, which are not psychoactive until well into its life as plant.

THCA turns into THC

The process of transforming THCA into THC is called decarboxylation, and it can occur through heat or time. When cannabis is smoked or vaporized, heat instantly transforms THCA into THC, allowing for the immediate effects many consumers are looking for.

Decarboxylation can also occur over time, as THCA molecules will slowly convert to THC If a cannabis plant is left out in the sun are even just a hot storage place for too long,

THCA Vs Delta 9 THC Flower

THCA and Delta 9 THC are different in both chemical structure and effect. Delta 9 THC has a cyclic ring structure, while THCA has carboxylic acids attached to its cyclic ring.

As far as effect, Delta 9 THC is the well known main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, THCA, in its pure form, is not psychoactive and has anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. However, through decarboxylation, or the process of heating THCA, which occurs during smoking or vaping, THCA converts to Delta-9 THC at which point it does become psychoactive and will get you high.

THCA Prerolls and Flower Online

What’s clear is that raw cannabis enthusiasts, and likely more than a few smokers looking to get high, are increasingly searching for THCA prerolls and flower options. The reasons are pretty straight forward. First, These THCA products are the most potent of any hemp derived flower or preroll products. And second, THCA flower and prerolls are available to be purchased discreetly online, and delivered to your door in 1-2 days.

Are Exotic THCA Hemp Prerolls Potent?

THCA prerolls can be as potent as the exotic strains purchased at a dispensary or a weed delivery service. The higher the THCA content in the strain, the more THC will be converted as it’s smoked. And there are very intoxicating THCA flower strains that can hold their own against dispensary weed testing in the 30% range. Individual factors such as tolerance and dosage can also affect the strength of THCA hemp flower just as the case with standard issue dispensary cannabis. As with any psychoactive THC products or derivatives, always start with a low dose- one or two hits, and gradually increase dosage to manage the experience and avoid unwanted effects.

Get Exotic THCA Strains online

If you’re looking for popular exotic THCA strains and prerolls, Hempshop offers over a dozen fire strains among big bud flower, smalls, and prerolls including;

Cereal Milk

Gush Mints

Blue Cookies

Apple Fritter


Mango Sherbert

Mendo Purps

Lemon Guava

Tahoe OG

Animal Face


Grape Ape

Skywalker OG

Will THCA Show Up On A Drug Test?

Yes- If smoked, vaped or ingested after heating up, or once decarboxylated, THCA will show up as THC. Like other cannabinoids and THC isomers and derivatives, if you’ve smoked or vaped THCA it will remain in your system for roughly 30 days. However, it is notable that if eaten raw, the hemp flower should not render a psychoactive effect or show up in a drug test.

THCA Flower and Prerolls Near Me

Very rapidly THCA flower has become one of the most readily available weed products in the Country. Searching for THCA flower near me will yield numerous alternatives. THCA is present in much of the bud found in Dispensaries and weed delivery services. However if you’re in a State without legal recreational weed, there are now options to get THCA hemp flower legally shipped by mail. So THCA away!

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